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On behalf of the staff of Birga-tour, welcome to Mongolia and experience Mongolia endless land of blue-sky and awesome sights. Our tours provide you with insights to the unigue culture and the wonderful nature unspoiled by humans.

We take care of all the details of your trip, so that you can travel with complete peace of mind. When you travel to Mongolia you love every moment of your tour and never forget the Mongolian blue sky, white clouds, amazing people and natural beauty.

Thank you, BirgaTour Co.,Ltd

Most recommended tours

14 days jeep tour

Mongolian Beauty tour
Drive across vast steppes, forested mountains, clear lakes and explore ancient Buddhist monasteries. Visit the Orkhon river valley, the cradle of nomadic civilization and the capital of the legendary Genghis Khan from where he launched his victorious cavalry.

Horseback riding, hiking, swimming are the main activities. Overnights in traditional yurts, comfortable, rich cultural experience.

12 days jeep tour

Gobi Tour
From the capital of Genghis Khan, drive to unexplored corners of the Gobi desert, follow trails of dinosaur hunters. This remote and inaccessible area is home to wild asses, wild camels and desert gazelles and entertains visitors with tons of different and fantastic colors.

Hiking, camel and horseback riding are the main activities. Tented overnights throughout tour, active cultural experience.

10 days

Horse riding tour to Huisiin 8 lakes
The Khuisiin Naiman Nuur National park is located in the Central Mongolian Khangai mountain range and represents a typical high mountain area of Mongolia with max. The area of Naiman Nuur (Eight Lakes), which was created by volcanic eruptions centuries ago and 3,163 metres above sea level Khuisiin Naiman Nuur (Navel Eight Lakes) is located on over 2,400 metre above sea level.




Useful information



Every tourist must be in possession of a valid passport, entry and exit visa. Visas can be obtained from the Mongolian Embassy in the country of your origin or at the Ulaanbaatar airport.

Requirements: 4 photos, valid passport and invitation from Birga Tour Co., Ltd.

CURRENCY , Tugrug.
Please consult your bank or travel agent on the current rate.

Is Mongolia a safe place ?
Yes, really good condition for the travelers' safety. No religious, civil and political resistence or internal strife. City people will be happy to see you and nomads in countryside will be Hospitable to you.

How can I get a visa?
It can be obtained from the Mongolian Embassy or Consular in your country if there is one. In case you have some difficulties, Please, Contact us or one-month tourist visas can be obtained on-the-spot at arrival in Mongolia (airport and railway customs clearance), although the visa situation is subject to change from time-to-time.



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Birga Tours Co., Ltd was founded in 2002. We are a well established company, offering quality food, strong vehicles, excellent guides speaking all major languages and good service. We renders high quality tours and professional services to travelers, offering them the best combinations of sightseeing, nature and attractions of Mongolia's traditional culture.

We are member of:

Mongolian Tourism Accociation - MTA Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce & Industry - MNCCI

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Top Destinations

Place of Genghis Khan
Eagle Hunting Festivals
Singing Dune Khongor
Khorgo Volcano
Orkhon water fall
Terelj National Park
Chuluut River
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