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Gobi and shaman tour

Discover the picturesqure land of broad flat plains, massive sand dunes, tall cliffs, high rocky mountains and narrow gorges in magnificent colors in the Gobi. If you find amazing adventure and great experience! Here in Mongolia, you will to get it! In this trip we will explore not only Genghis Khan’s Birthplace in Khentii Province; eastern Mongolia, but also these areas is unforgettable historical places including oldest monasteries, rock paintings and visit Mongolian nomad herders. Here you have a chance to feel Mongolian friendly hospitality and visit the Buriat shaman and experience their rituals and healing ceremonies

Day 1.

Arrive in Ulaanbaatar Upon arrival at the Chinggis Khan Airport in Ulaanbaatar, you will be met by your guide and transferred to your hotel in down to in. We will visit the Mongolia's biggest Monastery Gandantegchilin monastery and. sightseeing Ulaanbaatar In the evening we will enjoy an impressive performance of traditional music and dance at 6pm. The spectacular sounds of huumii (throat singing) accompanied by the cherished two string horse headed fiddle or Morin khuur will be imp ranted on your memory forever. Welcome Dinner will be in one of the best restaurants in the city. We will spend overnight in hotel.

Day 2.

Ulaanbaatar - Khukh Nuur (blue lake) Drive to Khokh nuur. Khukh Lake is said to be where Temujin was crowned Chingis Khaan in 1206. Sightseeing of Khukh Nuur and surrounding places. Overnight stay in tourist ger camp. "Khoh nuur". /BLD/

Day 3.

Bereeven Monastery Drive to Bereeven Monastery. This monastery was first built in 1777. At its peak it was one of the three largest monasteries in Mongolia and home to 8,000 registered monks. It was partly destroyed by the communist authorities in the 1930's and by fire in the 1970s. Now only ruins remain. The monastery is currently being restored by tourist-volunteers. While there we will have the opportunity to assist with the restoration of the monastery. In the afternoon will drive to Binder village. Overnight stay in camp ‘ Bogol” and fishing at the river “Onon”. /If you want/ /BLD/

Day 4.

Birthplace of Chinggis Khaan Khentii province. Dadal village which is Chinggis Khan’s birthplace and home of the Burjati people. Also is gorgeous area of lakes, rivers, forest and log huts-reminiscent of Siberia, which is only 25km to the north. It is much like being in Russia without visa. There are also many things to visit around this area such as Deluun Boldog (Chingis Khan was born here in 1162), Khajuu Bulag (mineral spiring, where the great man once drank) and a Chingis Khan Statue next to small lake. Overnight stay in camp. “Dadal”. /BLD/

Day 5-7.

Bayan Uul Drive to Bayan Uul village our river trip will transport you through dramatic landscapes to the untouched corners of Mongolia. You will stay there and see Buryat shamanist practicing their rituals and healing ceremonies. Overnight ht stay in Mongolian ger. On day 12, drive Khentii province. The road is unpaved but its lots of fun to take highways in Mongolia! Overnight stay in camp ‘Ondorkhaan”. /BLD/

Day 8.

Terelj National Park After breakfast at the camp you will depart for the Khentii Mountains. The drive will take you into the Gorkhi-Terelj National Park. Visit the nomad family. Horse and camel riding. Visit to the Aryaval monastery photography in the Mongolian nature and will see the Khalkh shamanist practicing and healing ceremonies. Drive back to Ulaanbaatar overnight in a hotel. /BLD/

Day 9.

Terelj Ulaanbaatar. Drive back to Ulaanbaatar. Upon arrival in go shopping and pick up some cashmere, souvenirs and other excellent products that will remind you Mongolia back home. /BLD/

Day 10.

Departure. /B/

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