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Horse riding tour

Horse riding tour - 1 (12 days)

In mere 50 miles east of the capital Ulaanbaatar is a land of evergreen taiga forest, clear streams and lush grasslands. Deer, wild boars, squirrel, beaver, otter, sable and wolf inhabit the area. There are mountains, lakes and rivers which gave shelter and refuge to the Legendary King of Mongols, Genghis Khan. Known as Temujin in his early days when he went through a harsh survival competition against his rivals and the enemies of his deceased farther. These lands as well witnessed his rising glory. The Blue Lake of the Black Heart Mt. became the enthronement site of the Khan of “All Mongols” in 1189.

Day 1. Arrival to Ulaanbaatar

You will be picked up from the airport and transferred to a trendy hotel within easy walking distance of downtown. After a short briefing we explore the vibrant city of Ulaanbaatar, the Palace of the Last Mongolian Buddhist King followed by an of Folk dance and song performance. /LD/

Day 2.

Drive to Terelj National Park Which locoted east of Ulaanbaatar. We arrive to our camp Hot ail in the valley beside a clear stream. Here we meet our horse riding guides who come in the evening with a herd of sturdy Mongolian horses. /BLD/

Day 3-4.

Horse riding tour around Terlj National Park.

Days 5-9. Horse Riding to Khaan's steppe

After a hearty breakfast a horse will be selected to suit your riding experience a different behavior on the side of the rider. Your riding guides will teach these techniques before we set off further to the east.
Each day the support team will drive ahead and serve lunch at an agreed spot and then carry on to prepare your camp and dinner.
We will gallop through a valley of lush grass and green hills covered in birch and larch. Horse riding guides will ride next to you and share the secrets of their survival. The first two days we come across very few people.
In the evening of the 5th day we arrive at Kherlen river, the longest in Eastern Mongolia and the one immediately associated with the Great Khan. The basin of Kherlen river was the traditional homeland of Temujin’s tribesmen along which they grazed their horses and hunted for wild animals.
The banks of the river are settled by nomadic families. We visit a yurt of one of them. Nomadic yurt is a simple but reliable dwelling, perfect in extreme weather conditions and suitable for frequent migrations. Simple life and beautiful nature has shaped these extremely friendly and tough people. Their knowledge of nature and survival is unparalleled.
After crossing the river we ride for two more days. In the afternoon of the second day we arrive at Blue Lake of the Black Heart Mt. /BLD/

Day 10. Day horse ride to Bereeven Monastery

Today we ride to visit the Bereeven Monastery established in the 17th century. At first the monastery consisted of yurts, and was moved eight times before finally settling at its current location. It became one of the most important temple complexes of Buddhism in the country, and housed 3000 monks at the height of its glory. Currently most of the buildings are under restoration.
In the evening back Mongolian Family "Hot ail" you will be served one of delicacies of Mongolian cuisine - "khorkhog". This is an interesting affair of chunks of meat pressure cooked using hot rocks. An attractive garnish of vegetables will be served to it. /BLD/

Day 11. Return drive to Ulaanbaatar

This morning we drive back to Ulaanbaatar arriving by lunch time. Afternoon is at leisure to explore the city, renowned as the city of contrasts: although rapidly modernizing Ulaanbaatar has a charm of a small place where you still see people in traditional robes. In the evening we gather for a farewell dinner. /BD/

Day 12. Departure

Transfer to airport for your journey home

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