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Mongolian Beauty tour

14 days jeep tour. Drive across vast steppes, forested mountains, clear lakes and explore ancient Buddhist monasteries. Visit the Orkhon river valley, the cradle of nomadic civilization and the capital of the legendary Genghis Khan from where he launched his victorious cavalry. Horseback riding, hiking, swimming are the main activities. Overnights in traditional yurts, comfortable, rich cultural experience.


Day 1.

Arrive in Ulaanbaatar and transferred to hotel. The rooms are facilitated with shower/toilet and telephone. After check-in, you will have the morning for yourself. After the welcome lunch you will make a city tour and visit the wonderful, still in use, Gandan Monastery, the Sukhbaatar Square and the Winter Palace of the last King of Mongolia; Bogd Khaan. In the people's Historical Museum, you will get a nice impression of the nomad life of the Mongolian people. In the evening we attend a Mongolian folk dance and music performance, where we will enjoy very old Mongolian long songs, performances by contortionists, throat singers, dancing and more. Overnight at hotel. Dinner at the hotel.

Day 2.

Drive to Khogno Khan Mountain and Elsen tasarkhai sand dunes. Visit the picturesque Khogno Khan Mountain and Erdene hamba monastery. Hiking and admiring the nature beauty Overnight in tourist ger camp. /BLD/

Day 3.

Drive to Erdene Zuu monastery. Look around this historical place. Erdene Zuu monastery is the first Buddhist monastery in Mongolia. It was built at the initiative of the most influential Khalkha lord Abtai Khan, in 1586 on the spot where Kharkhorin, the famous capital of the Mongolian Empire of the 13th century. Overnight in "Anar" Ger hotel. /BLD/

Day 4.

We will explore Orkhon water fall Which located in the Ulaan or red river that flows Into the Orkhon river.The Orkhon river runs through a 20m high steep basaltic canyon to which the Ulaan or Red river flows down from Gyantruun mountain and forms the waterfall.

Day 5-6.

Drive to Tsenkher Jiguur Hot Springs. 2 days we will head to Tsenkher Jiguur Hot Spring, lay around 30 kms south of Arkhangai province centre. Tsetserleg, the Hot Spring maintains a temperature of 86 degrees Celsius and contains hydrogen sulfide. Possibility of bathing in the spring. Visit a nomadic family. Observe a nomadic way of life and the technology of making milk products. Taste airag (mare's milk)Vodka/from milk/ Horse riding and hiking tour around the area. Overnight in Ger hotel.

Day 7.

After breakfast in the camp, drive to Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur (lake). This Nuur is an astonishingly beautiful lake with relatively pure fresh water. The lake supports pike and other fish. Rare birds could be found here. You spending full day at Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur. Visit Khorgo Uul. Hiking the top of Khorgo, a craterous volcano was active some 2000 year ago. Enjoy the beauty of nature, visit to the nomad family and experience their way of life. You stay there for the night.

Day 8.

Jargalant, hot spa. Beautiful forests of larch trees and thermal springs. Pinnacles of granites at 2260 m above sea level at the top of Tarvagatai Mountains offer excellent view of endlessness over the mountain range. Our journey will take us to Muren, a provincial town on the northern shore of the River Delger at an altitude 1283 m above sea level. After check-in the hotel, we will drive west 25 km to Uushigiin Ovor for the ancient burial site with deer steles date back to 3000 years ago. Overnight sray at tourist ger camp.

Day 9-10.

Hovsgol Lake. The Lake Hovsgol is one of the most scenic spots in Mongolia. This gorgeous alpine lake is surrounded by high mountains, meadows and forests, a complete contrast to the rest of Mongolia. Amazing 90 rivers and streams flow into the lake, but only a single river flows out - the Egiin Gol, which ultimately reaches the Lake Baikal in Siberia. Plenty of activities are available here including excellent fishing, swimming, hiking and horseback riding. Etc. We will explore the surrounding area on horseback and will visit a family of reindeer breeders. Explore Lake from the high mountains, photography and enjoying mini horse trek around Khuvsgul national park. Overnight at the tourist camp.

Day 11.

Travel to get back Northern part of Mongolia. Drive to Moron city. We will explore to towards Mongolian volcano area, on the way we will see the natural sightseeing around Khuvsgul.

Day 12.

Drive to Bulgan province in the northern Mongolia. We will discover Volcano areas. Overnight at the tourist camp.

Day 13.

Visit Amarbayasgalant Monastery. Which is dedicated Mongolian first Bogd Gegeen Zanabazar. There we will to get huge experience of 17th century's Mongolian history. We will walk with our tour guide to there. Overnight at the tourist camp. Day 14. City tour optional. We will take back to UB and visit souvenir house. Overnight at hotel after Farewell dinner. Day 15. Departure. Our guide and driver will transfer you to the international airport "Chinghis Khaan".

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