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Is Mongolia a safe place ?
Yes, really good condition for the travelers' safety. No religious, civil and political resistence or internal strife. City people will be happy to see you and nomads in countryside will be Hospitable to you.

How can I get a visa?
It can be obtained from the Mongolian Embassy or Consular in your country if there is one. In case you have some difficulties, Please, Contact us or one-month tourist visas can be obtained on-the-spot at arrival in Mongolia (airport and railway customs clearance), although the visa situation is subject to change from time-to-time.

How to get to Mongolia?
Gateways to Mongolia are Berlin , Beijing- Peking, Khokh Khot, Frankfurt, Moscow , Irkutsk , Osaka and Seoul . Mongolian International Airlines (MIAT) and Air China both operate Boeing and Airbus planes on flights to Ulaanbaatar. The trans-Mongolian train from Moscow or Beijing makes a particularly exhilarating entry into the country. We do not sell international air tickets to Mongolia. Most people coming from Europe use Aeroflot or Miat via Moscow. The alternative is to fly via Beijing in China and on to Ulaanbaatar using Air China or MIAT.

Do you book train tickets?
During the winter, from October through to May, we can provide only train tickets without tours or other services. However, during the summertime will only provide train tickets for our clients, who booked a whole tour with us.

How can I prepare for my travel? What to bring?
If you have booked the trip with us, Don't worry about preparation for Mongolia travel. We will provide with all necessary information such as: what to pack, what should know, how to feel and communicate with local people and how to ride horse and camels, and how to avoid from cultural shock.

What kind of accommodation will be there?
In Ulaanbaatar there are gorgeous hotels with 4 stars and some small clean hotels with 3-2 stars in a good value of money. If you are backpacker, you can stay in hostels or guesthouses at 10 USD per night.

Are good hotels in countryside? What is Ger and Ger tourist camp?
Ger is Yurt, which is Mongolian national dwelling with round shaped and felt covered. Tourist camps' each ger-room has at maximum of 4 beds, it means can be used for 4 occupancy. Single travellers and couples can use single or double occupancy in a ger. Each ger of tourist camp is well fitted with nice decorated furnifures like table, chairs, stove for fire putting fire, mirrows, wardrobes and other required things. A ger-room doesn't have a bathroom room. So travellers will use public bathrooms and showers, which are in seperated buildings.

What is weather like?
The best time to travel in Mongolia is between the months of April and November. The weather varies considerably from region to region. Early spring, especially in May, is known for its windy days. For detailed information, Please,

How about meals?
In Ulaanbaatar you can have good dining in cosy restaurants featured western meals like Italian, French, Mediterranean, Mexican, Russian, Mongolian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean meals. In countryside, if you stay in tourist camp you will have western styled meals and Mongolian BBQ. If you have tent camping, you will have picnic meals such as fried meat and everything, which can be cooked on fire in outdoor.

How about vegetarians?
If you tell us beforehand, we can manage most kinds of special diet for vegetarians and other religious people.

How about travel Insurance?
In regards to travel insurance you can arrange it yourself in your own country. We can not handle any travel insurance service and we are not responsible for this issue.

How far are the daily distances?
The driving distance is at maximum of 350 km per a day and average one is 200 km. Average distance for hiking is 15km per a day. For horse and camel ridiers is 15-20 km per a day. For experienced riders, who want to gallop on horseback, it will be 25-30 km. Generally, this depends very much on the terrain.

How many people will be in the group?
It is up to you. If you want to take tailor-made trip for only single or couples, it is available. If you are single or couple, and want to join in other group tour, we can regulate it. Maximum number in a group is usually ten to twelve, though occasionally may be more for Easy coach tours.

Your luggage will be carried by service staff on carts or cars throughout the whole trip. If you are coming back soon, your ligguge can be kept in hotel luggage storage room. You are allowed to carry only 10 kilos of free luggage on domestic flights and it`s your responsibility to pay for excess luggage, Extra weight is 2USD per kilo.

How to book the trip?
Please, choose the tour you want and send us an email or fax. Or if you want to have tailor-made travel, please, write your interest and special requirements. Upon receipt of your enquiry, we'll invent the tour schedule and confirmation letter.

How to pay?
The deposit 20% of the total tour cost will be transferred to our account
one month prior to the beginning of the tour. Left amount of money will be discussed and agreed by 2 parties.

How about the cancellation?
Cancellation on arrival date is not accepted. But for cancellation before 2 weeks of prior to the tour arrangement date, We are flexible in this condition.

What are discounts for repeated clients?
10% discount and 3 times repeating travels Big Big surprise!

What is travel agency's responsibilities?
Amendments and clarifications to the contract can be negotiable in case of its violation. The company is not responsible for damage caused by customer's personality, disorganization,or personal interest.

Can I extend my trip?
If you want to spend longer in Mongolia before or after your tour, we can arrange your hotel and transfers as necessary.

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